Is there a blessing greater than Family? I pray for the safety and health of my 5 daughters everyday. The LORD has been generous to me and I am forever grateful.  My wife and daughter Jazz  are featured on the TESTIFY album and it is through their voices that my songs are able to raise to their highest good. Embrace your Family today!!! Tell them you LOVE THEM everyday. God Bless and PROTECT US ALL. 

TESTiFY FinaLLY HerE!!  

WoW, I can'T belIevE The new  ALBum " TESTiFY" is OuT!!! Finally I can BreathE!!! Feels amazinG to have thIs piece of Work reaDy for The World. I am truly ProuD of ThiS alBum and Can'T wait for All of you to Hear it. Please Listen to the tracks and Tell me what U think. There is a Poll at the Home page for your FavoriTe song... Love to know yours. Thanks YOU and GOD Bless EACH and EVEry One of YOU!!!! - Nana