Born and raised in Hollywood Ca. to Ghanaian parents, Nana King began performing in church at the age of seven and would soon form his first musical group while still in grade school. The musical landscape of Hollywood and surrounding Los Angeles had a great influence on Nana's early music. As a youth and emerging entertainer Nana King explored and blended music from many artistically different genres into his early work from Punk Rock and Heavy Metal, Rap and R&B to Contemporary Christian and Gospel. Nana found early success in Los Angeles performing with Tupac Shakur and was signed to an exclusive overseas distribution deal. When Nana's father passed away Nana King went back to his African homeland of Ghana. It is here in Ghana that Nana King soon rose to national attention performing for tens of thousands while sharing stage with superstar artists Jay-Z and Akon. Nana was successfully selling and producing albums in the Hip-Life genre in Ghana, a blend of African and American Western Style Hip Hop; his multi-talented nature earned him his place on the voting Academy for MTV Europe Music Videos Awards in Copenhagen in 2006. Even though Nana enjoyed the fame and privilege he received in Ghana and throughout West Africa he knew that true success could only come from a global audience and he was soon "Called" to return to the U.S.A. back to Hollywood to begin the work that so spoke out to him. New music and a passion re-ignited Nana found himself living a dynamic and spiritual life. Nana King did two Urban Contemporary Gospel albums "The Covenant" 2008 and "Testify" 2011 meant to reach out especially to the youth of our Nation's urban centers and streets. Nana's hope is that his music will inspire and uplift those in need of change in their life, show a positive example to our troubled youth. This Feb 14, 2013 (Valentine's Day) trouble hit his home and his wife of 15 years left him and took the kids. Nana was devastated and went into depression. Thus came the new Pop/R&B album " Love Story" inspired from events from the breakup from his wife Precious aka Nana Queen that would propel him into super star status being his breakthrough Album in America. In the song " First Love" you can hear the pain and anguish Nana delivers. But 4 months after that, his wife and the kids returned home and they reconciled.Stay tuned the story continues.................. " Love Story" Out! this Jan. 2014